David Schwimmer Will Never Be Dating Jennifer Aniston Despite Online Rumors, Agent Says

David Schwimmer Will Never Be Dating Jennifer Aniston Despite Online Rumors, Agent Says

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer reported from inside the family party specialized in May they after received crushes per various other, though these people never ever struck up a love

David Schwimmer isn’t currently dating Jennifer Aniston, despite on the internet hearsay that the neighbors costars were seeing 1.

Following tabloid much closer posted a report earlier on recently claiming which two performers are romantically present, an associate for Schwimmer, 54, told the U.K. socket the sunshine that there is “no fact” with the gossip.

Schwimmer’s representative didn’t promptly reply to PEOPLE’s obtain review.

In May, HBO utmost’s long-awaited relatives gathering unveiled a secret offscreen smash between Aniston and Schwimmer, exactly who starred lovebirds Rachel alternative and Ross Geller on the drama program. During the particular, coordinate James Corden questioned the team whether them produced a real-life romance together.

If Aniston recommended Schwimmer accomplish issue, the guy acknowledge to using a “major break” on the.

“eventually, we had been crushing hard on oneself,” the man said. “But it was actually like two ships passing because surely us all am often in a connection and in addition we never entered that limit. You respectable that.”

Aniston, 52, put in, “truly, i recall declaring single to David, ‘It’s going to feel these types of a bummer in the event the first-time both you and I really kiss is going to be on nationwide television set.’ sure-enough, very first time that you kissed was a student in that bistro.”

In the place of acting on their unique thinking, Aniston discussed that they “funneled” each and every thing into their greatest figures.

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Schwimmer was once wedded to Zoe Buckman — with whom the guy gives 10-year-old girl Cleo — from 2010 until they divide in 2017. Aniston had been joined to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005 and soon after married Justin Theroux, who she divided from in 2018 after much more than a couple of years of marriage and around seven age along.

While emailing other past pals movie stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow on SiriusXMis the Howard Stern tv series in Summer, Aniston just as before believed she and Schwimmer never ever served within their attitude for on a single another.

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“we had been in dating and also it had been constantly never ever correct time and it’llnot have proved helpful,” she explained. “the best thing about that has been that whatever thoughts there was we merely actually funneled everything into Ross and Rachel so I assume’s perhaps why it resonated the way it did.”

“But no, all of us never, on my being [got together]. And Courteney and Lisa would find out if it has given that they would’ve heard about they. They could vouch for myself,” she added, as Cox, 57, explained it actually was “accurate.”

“I would personally with pride state I bumped Schwimmer if this took place,” Aniston joked. “But no.”

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